Matched PVC edge banding to MFC Lamarty

PVC edgebanding
for Lamarty decors

- this is an associated product for mfc Lamarty orders

direct edgebanding delivery
from the mill


When applied on the ends of chipboard prevents the emission of harmful chemical compounds which can cause harm to health.


Protects furniture from moisture and external impact of aggressive environment. PVC edgebanding is resistant to wear, mechanical damage, scratches.


Will give an aesthetic appearance of the finished furniture. PVC edgebanding Lamarty is characterized by the presence of a wide range of colors, including unicolor decors, as well as imitating different types of materials like natural stone, wood or metal.

PVC edgebanding


furniture with the application of Lamarty edgebanding

Furniture from Lamarty

conceived by the nature

Collection of edging materials of Syktyvkar plywood mill includes 80 colors which has the same names as Lamartylaminated chipboard.

Коллекция кромочных материалов Сыктывкарского фанерного завода включает 80 одноименных к декорам ЛДСП Lamarty наименований. Кромка Lamarty – сопутствующий товар, благодаря которому достигается желаемый стиль со стопроцентным сочетанием тона и текстуры у всех элементов мебельных деталей.

created bylamarty

Lamarty edgebanding is an assiciated product. Dew to this the desired style with one hundred percent matching of shade and texture is achieved in all elements of furniture components. Suitable in colors edgebanding is preparing for shipment together with MFC packages.

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