Advantages of Lamarty melimine faced chipboard manufactured by Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd.


Modern Lamarty decors collection follows world furniture industry trends. Purchasing MFC Lamarty, you ensure high sales of your furniture.

Brand-new Lamarty decors


Эксклюзивность тиснений – единственные в России структуры поверхности:

N - NEXT V - ВЕНЕТО A - АРТЕКС D - ДУБ F - Цветы G - Глянец R - рустикальное

5. Chipboard

Distribution of wood chips is done from the center of chipboard to its edges as evenly as possible. In case of cutting a chipboard sheet boundary between internal and external layers is hardly seen. Due to this chipboard has the same physic mechanical properties throughout chipboard sheet’s thickness – a screw will be firmly fixed wherever you screw it. If you bend or put a screw into standard three-layer chipboard, there always would be inner tension which will destroy layer by layer of a chipboard sheet– cleavage and fractures will appear. Lamarty is more resistant to such influence as inner tension is distributed evenly not just through layers but throughout chipboard sheet’s thickness.

Lamarty chipboard has smooth and even surface due to usage of innovative equipment, vibrating sifter, which enabled to separate a chip dust layer from the rest of wood chips and to have more homogeneous structure of external layer. Surface of a chipboard sheet is defined by such physical-mechanical characteristic as roughness. According to the State Standard requirements surface roughness has to be up to 32 micrometers. In 2011 Lamarty has reached the level of 24 micrometers, in 2012 – 22 micrometers, in 2013 - 20 micrometers. Lamination of such chipboard minimizes chances of surface defects appearance.

Today Lamarty is a constantly innovative solution for your business' successful development!

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