MFC Specifications

MFC Specifications

First step to high-class furniture production

Lamarty is produced by laminating our own made chipboard of high consumer properties and ecological compatibility. In lamination process we use materials only of leading foreign manufacturers. Quality of our chipboard is provided by all-around automation of production process and inventory record, permanent monitoring of all consumables, high qualification of stuff and also by up-to-date equipment.

Capacity of two lamination production lines – 18 mil. м2 per year.

ТУ 5534-004-44769167-12
Size, mm
2750 х 1830
Thickness, mm
8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25, 26
Thickness tolerance
+/- 0.3 мм
Grade of chipboard (surface quality)
5 - 7 %
Formaldehyde emission class
Density, kg/m³
650-750 (depending on thickness of chipboard)


  • thermal resistance
  • durability and shock resistance
  • moisture and vapor resistance
  • color resistance
  • high hygienic properties
  • resistance to impact of chemicals, alcohol and juices
  • ease of processing and milling
  • high strength
  • environmental compatibility


  • furniture semiproducts
  • bedroom furniture
  • office furniture
  • kitchen furniture
  • furniture for children
  • vestibule furniture
  • shop and exhibition facilities
  • interior finishing
  • siding
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