Decorative decor for MFC called ФАНТОМ| fitting ФАНТОМ decor in furniture


Recommended embossing
Lamarty edge:
in assort.
Rehau edge
: 101135U
RAL color
: 060 70 05
Recommended combinations of decors
Captivating transformation.

A calm, relaxing shade of grey. Its great value is explained by the ability to both create a calm and peaceful environment, and help in a bright and unusual color scheme. The platinum gray tone of the PHANTOM decor creates calm, respectable ensembles with any colors that are close in temperature. And in tandem with contrasting colors, it gives energy to the atmosphere and allows you to create complex unique compositions.

Interactive decor fitting

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Visualization sketch uses only a fragment from a full-length sheet size and color rendering depends on your display and may differ from reality - please request MFC samples from the nearest Lamarty dealer
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