Premium Class

Conceived by the nature
created by lamarty


Unique quality standards help to ensure exact following to eco-oriented trends.


Meets the needs of the most demanding customers in the domestic market in Russia and abroad.


Unique technologies and patented production. Collection includes over 100 colors of decors, 70% of which are unique.


Modern collection of Lamarty decors follows to global trends of the furniture industry. When you purchase Lamarty - you ensure the highest level of your future furniture sales.


exclusivesurface textures

"Veneto", "Artex", "Oak", "Flowers" and "Morein" the only and unique surface textures in Russia.


Lamarty application in furniture

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eco-friendly mfc

Low formaldehyde content. Allow you to produce harmless for health and environmentally friendly furniture.

E 0,5 Emission class


Certificates of conformity of TSU and GOSTThe certificate of conformity of laminated wood particle board (MFC) produced by SPM,ltd. with the formaldehyde emission class E0.5 requirements.

moisture resistance

For manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen furniture the most important factor is the resistance of their products to moisture, which guarantees high quality and the longest period of use.

Recommended for bathroom furniture

P5 quality certificates


Properties and types of filmfaced chipboard, applications, the correct choice for furniture production

certifiedquality system

All certificates

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