Decorative decor for MFC called ХАКИ| fitting ХАКИ decor in furniture


The color of the decor may vary depending on the color rendering of your device
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Recommended embossing
Lamarty edge:
in assort.
Rehau edge
: 101133U
RAL color
: 120 50 05
Recommended combinations of decors
Fascination with nature.

A sophisticated green shade magnetically endears to itself, embodying moderation, calmness, care and maturity of character. It literally caresses the eye with its ingenuousness: it does not focus close attention on itself, but makes you find it again and again. The relaxing dusty green shade of the KHAKI decor, as a true embodiment of nature, gives an opportunity to isolate oneself from the stresses and exorbitant pace of city life.
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