Lamarty laminated chipboard in the design project “Kvartirnyj vopros”. Kitchen on a grand scale | 22.01.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the design project “Kvartirnyj vopros”. Kitchen on a grand scale

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The main objective of this project was to create a comfortable, ergonomic space for a comfortable stay for a family with a child. Determining the general concept and style, choosing colors and zoning - everything is aimed at creating a comfortable and safe environment.

First of all, the Housing Issue team started remodeling the premises. The extra walls were demolished, creating a single spacious space for a multifunctional kitchen-living room.
Due to the fact that one of the family members of the project heroes moves around the apartment in a wheelchair, the updated space is now as spacious as possible, and the corners have been rounded - this has become much more comfortable and safer.

The kitchen occupies a small part of the updated space, but is fully functional. Furniture modules are free of all dangerous corners and have radius facades - bent in special molds and then covered with durable PVC films. The hanging tiers of the kitchen and the large vertical unit with a refrigerator are made in a light gray film, which echoes the wall decoration. The lower part of the kitchen is decorated with facades in PVC film in an ash wood pattern.

The zoning of the room is determined by a soft sofa that divides it into a kitchen and living room. The dining table stood close to it.
There was also room in the living room for two full-fledged work areas. Spacious countertops are located to the right and left of the TV, and numerous drawers and shelves are now provided to store everything you need.. At the same time, the spacious shelving structure has become a functional frame for the entrance to the room, which makes the interior more expressive and at the same time compensates for the dismantling of a small pantry.

In addition to the kitchen-living room, the Housing Issue team also worked with the entrance area of ​​the apartment of the characters of the TV project. The walls were covered with silicone-based paint in a gray-beige shade.
A large wardrobe appeared in the hallway. All elements are made from Lamarty chipboard in the decor "Phantom" from the collection BALANCE. The delicate gray shade perfectly matches the main tone of the finish.. This color has the ability to create a calm and peaceful environment.

Thanks to the interior transformations, the characters have found a cozy space with a “cave” effect; it is created by soft, enveloping shades that will bring a feeling of calm and safety to the room.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the website of the “Housing Question” program -

Broadcast from 11/25/23
Authors of the project: Bobrova Daria and Pavlova Evgenia (Design studio Partners Architect Bureau).
Lamarty laminated chipboard in the design project “Kvartirnyj vopros”. Kitchen on a grand scale

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