Lamarty and SyPly at a seminar in St. Petersburg | 14.11.2023

Lamarty and SyPly at a seminar in St. Petersburg

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An intense 2-day seminar was held in St. Petersburg, bringing together designers, furniture manufacturers and other representatives of the furniture industry

The event took place on November 26 and 27 in the Showroom First Plate Company - on a modern site where board materials and components for furniture from largest manufacturing plants in Russia.

More than 100 guests - industry representatives, as well as manufacturers of materials for furniture and interior design - gathered at the event to talk about the latest changes in the furniture industry. As part of the program, brands such as Lamarty, SyPly, Kastamonu, Nordeco and Dollken presented their products.

In their presentation, employees of the Syktyvkar plywood plant presented the guests with non-standard options for using laminated chipboards Lamartyin furniture and interiors using the example of already implemented projects. Also, the seminar participants got acquainted with the BALANCE collection, and even with the decors of the new collection for 2023-2024 - the REFLEX, which will be officially presented at the end of November.

SyPly plywood was presented to the guests as a modern and environmentally friendly design material. Employees of the Syktyvkar plywood plant highlighted not only the aesthetic characteristics of the material, but also its technical features, emphasizing the possibilities of using SyPly plywood in modern furniture and interior design. Guests of the event showed an active interest in this material, which opened up for them from a new side.

Two days of the event were filled with lively discussions. At the seminar, attention was paid not only to the presentation of materials, but also to direct dialogue between manufacturers and direct consumers.

The seminar, organized by the First Plate Company, allowed professionals in the field of design and furniture production to receive useful information, learn about the latest developments and trends in the industry. The event gave participants a lot of inspiration and ideas for creating unique and stylish projects.

Lamarty and SyPly at a seminar in St. Petersburg

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