Lamarty laminated chipboard in Fleur de lis and Super White decors in the “Kvartirny Vopros” project. Children's room with lavender cube | 22.09.2023

Lamarty laminated chipboard in Fleur de lis and Super White decors in the “Kvartirny Vopros” project. Children's room with lavender cube

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The room of two teenage sisters was boldly divided in half, reflecting the different characters of the girls in the interior

Designers Maria Petrova and Elena Andronova were faced with the task of demarcating an area of 19 square meters for two sisters so that each of them would have a personal corner, and the updated space of the nursery itself would become a comfortable base for them growing up.

The designers solved the issue of dividing personal space primarily with color, dividing the room fairly into two parts. It was decided to mark the boundaries between the halves of the nursery with white and lilac paints. Confidently breaking boundaries, a painted composition lay on the wall - a cheerful flamingo-colored stripe moving from lilac to white. The winding “pink path” united the two halves of the room into a single warm and soulful space.

The main distinguishing feature of the room was the separate capsules - work areas with a closing structure that allows you to retire behind thick curtains and be protected from the outside world. Inside each is a work desk, one with a computer, the other with an extension and compartments for handicrafts and books. The workspaces are combined with spacious roll-out drawers for thousands of small items, as well as comfortable work surfaces with comfortable space for preparing homework and working on the computer. The tables are assembled from high quality Lamarty laminated chipboards in white. The structure of the coating is fine-grained called Fine Shagreen, which, due to its roughness, will hide light defects if they appear. The lighting above the table creates a mysterious mood; the light color of the walls and table is the backdrop for the development of imagination.

The main storage system is located, as before, along the end wall of the room. However, open shelves were replaced by closed sections, which made it possible to significantly increase the capacity of the cabinet. The cases are assembled from the same laminated chipboard as the work areas. To cover parts in production, a film with increased density is used, so the storage system turned out not just white, but boiling white. The closet has two identical compartments for storing clothes, shelves, drawers and mirrors, as well as a compartment for storing guitars. In addition, the authors of the project reserved the outermost section of the closet for their furry pet – the cat Mipo. The shelves have special holes, thanks to which the snow-white beauty can easily travel from shelf to shelf.

Opposite the work stations along the long wall, continuing the furniture composition of the closet, beds are located, which also support the idea of dividing the space with color. One of the boxes, built from Lamarty chipboard in Fleur de lis decor, exactly matches the color of the walls in this half of the room. The second bed is its exact copy, only in white. Beds are both a place to relax and a place to store. The design contains roll-out drawers, and bonus sections are hidden under the beds for long-term storage of things. For convenience, the headboards of the beds have functional shelves for handy small items with hidden sockets for charging gadgets and a reading lamp.

The small balcony also continued the “lavender” theme. A mini-table and an auxiliary storage system, made of the same material as the bed in a delicate lilac color, took their places on the loggia. Mirror wall panels on the loggia are a wonderful and universal design technique that helped hide the technical ventilation duct. At the same time, the mirror erases the boundaries of this complex knot, creating a small but effective composition.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Kvartirny vopros”. Broadcast from 09/09/2023.
Project authors: Petrova and Andronova Studio

Lamarty laminated chipboard in Fleur de lis and Super White decors in the “Kvartirny Vopros” project. Children's room with lavender cube

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