LAMARTY in the project on the NTV channel | 21.09.2023

LAMARTY in the project on the NTV channel

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In the kitchen-dining room of the heroes of “Dachny Otvet” they built a wall of cabinets, placed burning beacons of transparent shelves, tamed the fire in the fireplace, and also gave the owners of the house their own island

The author of the project Ekaterina Kudryashova when creating the interior for this kitchen, she was inspired by the works of the Scandinavian classic architecture and design Alvao Aalto. There is a lot of natural light in his projects, and where it was impossible to bring it, Ekaterina provided a skillful imitation of window openings. In addition, the kitchen has become much lighter thanks to the main color of the project - a soft creamy shade that has enveloped the kitchen space.
From the point of view of organizing space, the kitchen has become as convenient as possible. The kitchen front is located along the wall. A length of 3 meters is enough for the work surfaces and storage systems to be accompanied by built-in appliances - oven, refrigerator and microwave oven. In addition, the interior has a kitchen island, which provides additional space for cooking.
The kitchen was made according to the design of designer Irina Murashova by the furniture company "Favorite Kitchen". The cases are constructed from laminated chipboard Lamarty in two decors - "White" and "Wotan Oak". The upper facades are made of MDF boards and lined with thermoplastic. The lower facades and facades of the island are made of Lamarty chipboard in the design "Wotan Oak". The material is certified according to emission class e0.5, which meets the highest standards of quality and environmental friendliness. The end is treated with a plastic edge 1 mm thick. Drawers and cabinets are lined up in two tight rows, providing ample storage space for kitchen utensils. The furniture is equipped with high-quality Austrian fittings.

The passage space has also become more functional. A full-fledged storage system has appeared here, one of the sections of which now has a freezer built into it. She was accompanied by a module for storing kitchen utensils, as well as a cabinet for dishes and glasses. At the same time, the entire system is built on a “ladder”, which will preserve space for maneuver and free passage.. And the blank wall was replaced by a glazed display case for glasses, accessible from the kitchen, the living room, and even the hallway.

The base of the kitchen island was made functional - here the owners can store useful utensils.

In the transit zone, where the refrigerator stood before the renovation, a “staircase” of shelves and cabinets made of Lamarty chipboard was built. All elements have white body and matte facades in color "Volcanic gray"

The kitchen interior turned out to be very bright, warm and cozy. The owners noted the functionality of the kitchen, thanks to the many storage systems located at different levels and creating volume and additional space.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the program website "Dacha Answer"

Broadcast from 03/09/23

Author of the project - Kudryashova Ekaterina

LAMARTY in the project on the NTV channel

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