Lamarty and SyPly at the conference of furniture makers | 10.07.2023

Lamarty and SyPly at the conference of furniture makers

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The event, held in Perm and Kazan, brought together furniture industry experts to share the latest trends in the world of furniture production

The conference, organized by Rondo, was successively held in two cities, Perm and Kazan. The event became the center of attention for those who strive to stay ahead in the field of furniture production.

Among the participants of the conference were leading manufacturers of materials and components for furniture, which held presentations to acquaint listeners with innovations in the materials market and inspire furniture community professionals to new ideas.

One of the key brands is laminated chipboard Lamarty, which has already won the hearts of many professionals in the industry. Specialists of the Syktyvkar Plywood Factory told the conference participants about the possibilities and advantages of Lamarty laminated boards, and also presented a new collection Balance, including 7 new decors. PPS staff also introduced the audience to the possibilities of SyPly plywood for furniture production and interior decoration, which attracted special attention at the conference.

In addition, other latest developments and solutions were presented at the conference. REHAU has shared the latest changes in the range of furniture edges, which provide reliability and a finished look of products. Representatives of AMK Troya presented HPL countertops. Ulgran presented QUARTZ premium sinks with a modern design, while Hettich presented sliding and folding systems that optimize the use of space.

At the end of the conference, prizes from manufacturers and suppliers of materials were raffled among the participants. Such events are a significant event for the furniture and woodworking industry, because. it is here that direct communication between furniture makers and manufacturers is built.

Lamarty and SyPly at the conference of furniture makers

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