Chipboard Lamarty in the decor "SEPIA" in the project "Kvartirnyi vopros" on NTV. Kitchen with the sea on the ceiling. | 10.04.2023

Chipboard Lamarty in the decor "SEPIA" in the project "Kvartirnyi vopros" on NTV. Kitchen with the sea on the ceiling.

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Comfort, ergonomics, manufacturability, individuality are the main criteria for any kitchen! Taking into account the special needs of the heroes of the TV project, the architects turned a typical kitchen into the most functional and beautiful space.

New kitchen set includes all necessary appliances. And since one of the hostesses is a young girl with a special state of health, the kitchen was made special. In particular, we used the lower bases to a minimum, so that it would be easier for the daughter of the heroes to use the sink, turn on the kettle on her own, get dishes and cutlery from the dryer located in the cabinet, and for this she would not need the help of her parents.

The furniture of the kitchen is thought out in such a way that in its main part there is as much free space as possible. That is why part of the functionality "moved" to the attached part of the corridor. This made it possible to organize a comfortable dining area in the kitchen with a sofa and a sliding round table, so it will not be a problem to receive guests.

At the bottom of the headset are: a dishwasher, a pull-out dryer and a cutlery drawer – a practical set that the whole family will use. Rejecting the two lower cabinets, the designers were able to provide a spacious storage system in the kitchen, taking the upper tier just under it.

The ceiling dropped by 15 cm – its geometry was complicated by undulating architectural decor, reminiscent of the sea and relaxation. It is important to note that the complex ceiling has become the only active element. Near the window is a compact dining room. A sofa in gray microvelour upholstery took its place under the shelf for beautiful things.

The color scheme of the kitchen will work for the idea of ​​​​calmness: light gray walls and a soft shade of kitchen furniture. Cases and facades are made of laminated board Lamarty in decor Sepia. The top row of wall cabinets with capacious shelves hidden behind hinged facades with closers separates two small pantry sections from the table top. A large glass mosaic on the apron embodies the play of sunlight on the water surface of the sea coast.

The former corridor was occupied by another storage system. Made from Lamarty chipboard in the same sunny beige decor Sepia. In addition, built-in appliances were placed in four large pencil cases: a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave.

Completing the alteration, the interior was filled with details. There are not many of them, but they are all expressive: there are boulder pillows on the sofa, on the shelf there are graphics in gold frames, which were drawn by the heroines of the project.

A detailed description of the project and video of the broadcast can be found on the website of the Housing Problem program –
Broadcast from 04/01/2023

The authors of the project are Archblack Bureau (the union of architects Anna Sysoeva and Tatyana Odintsova, as well as designer Anton Nesmelov).

Chipboard Lamarty in the decor "SEPIA" in the project "Kvartirnyi vopros" on NTV. Kitchen with the sea on the ceiling.

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