SyPly plywood and MFC Lamarty in the "Kvartirny Vopros" project. Alteration with room for maneuver | 03.04.2023

SyPly plywood and MFC Lamarty in the "Kvartirny Vopros" project. Alteration with room for maneuver

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As a result of the redesign of the "public spaces", the apartments have become as comfortable as possible: a minimum of obstacles, freedom of movement, functionality and practicality - all in order to change the comfort level of the characters for the better

The main visual concept of the project is based on the theme of circles and arches. Single repeating elements turn a group of small rooms into a single object, subject to a single design. The boundaries between the hallway, kitchen and bathroom seem to have been erased, becoming a single space. The walls and ceiling, as well as some elements of the furniture, are made in warm grayish decorative plaster. They are complemented by the soft tone of the wooden elements and the gray terrazzo finish on the floor, walls and countertops.

The premises underwent not only an external transformation, but also a detailed improvement in the ergonomics of the space, taking into account the needs of the owner of the apartment. The kitchen furniture was adapted for the convenience of a seated person. The set was deployed along two walls, combining enamel, tinted glass and wood in the design. The body of the headset is made of reliable laminated chipboard Lamarty in the color "Grey 7810". The neutral and discreet shade of gray creates a feeling of calm and relaxation, blending perfectly with wood surfaces. In turn, the doors are made of SyPly BIRCH Top birch plywood lined with fine wood veneer. This processing of the material allows you to combine the strength and moisture resistance of birch plywood and the natural beauty of solid wood. In addition to the wooden elements, the walls of the kitchen were decorated with relief panels of nine-millimeter veneered plywood.

Instead of a free-standing table, for convenience, a sliding tabletop was installed without any supports along the edges. This design can be easily pulled out along the guides closer to the center of the kitchen if more seats are needed. In normal mode, the table is pushed into the corner, providing enough free space in a small kitchen. The effective composition is based on durable high-quality SyPly plywood. The pliability of the material allowed the craftsmen in production to accurately realize the design solution.

The style solution of the hallway completely echoes the interior of the kitchen. Furniture and veneered plywood wall panels serve as the main connecting elements between the two rooms. In the corridor for clothes there is a three-section wardrobe, the mirror doors of which create the illusion of a large space. The cabinet body and shelves are made of Lamarty chipboard in Grey 7810 decor. An even row of mezzanines with wood lamination lined up on top of the cabinet. The furniture composition is crowned by a monumental arch. The bathroom was also transformed taking into account the needs of the residents of the apartment.

The toilet was actually placed in the shower space for the convenience of taking water procedures in a sitting position. Between the sink and the shower, a compact rack for care products was installed. On the opposite side, in a vacated niche, there is a utility area with a washer-dryer and storage. Shelves for towels and household chemicals were placed in a niche. Bathroom furniture has special requirements for materials, so laminated chipboard Lamarty with increased moisture resistance in the same calm gray color was chosen for its manufacture.

Description and video of the broadcast can be found on the official website of the TV show "Kvartirny Vopros". Broadcast from 03/04/2023.
Project author: Mikhail Novinsky

SyPly plywood and MFC Lamarty in the "Kvartirny Vopros" project. Alteration with room for maneuver

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