LAMARTY in the decors "TEFFY " in the project on the NTV channel | 14.03.2023

LAMARTY in the decors "TEFFY " in the project on the NTV channel

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The house of the heroes of the "Country Answer" is decorated in a Scandinavian style, but there is too much Scandinavia in the bedroom - from decor to temperature. Therefore, as the owners of the house wanted, their bedroom was moved to warmer climes - to Bali. As a result of this “moving”, not only the color scheme has changed, but the space has also been optimized.

Cosiness of the bedroom was added by redevelopment. Designer Ekaterina Kulikova moved the door. This solution made it possible to place a capacious, full-wall storage system at the entrance. Along the end wall, all the way to the doorway, there is a wardrobe with cabinets made of laminated chipboard Lamarty in the decor TEFFI with embossed Light Silk. Lively, shiny, caressing the eye decor TEFFY close to natural natural shades, hence its versatility in combinations. Doors with wood-like lamination successfully harmonize with the color content of the case, and decorated matting inserts and elegant handles give a special charm, as well as a feeling of lightness and homeliness to a massive element of furniture design.

The bed is separated from the storage system by a light partition assembled from planks. So that the light from the sleeping area enters the dressing area. Behind the partition there is a comfortable bed that will look at the “reflection” of the wardrobe with sliding doors, behind which there is a TV. So the heroes got their own "cinema". Large-scale glazing fits perfectly into the "Balinese" history of the alteration.

The broadcast and a detailed description of the project can be found on the website of the Country Answer program -, broadcast on 03/12/2023.
Project author: Ekaterina Kulikova

LAMARTY in the decors  "TEFFY " in the project on the NTV channel


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