LAMARTY in the decors "Volcanic Grey " in the project on the NTV channel | 09.03.2023

LAMARTY in the decors "Volcanic Grey " in the project on the NTV channel

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A full-fledged studio apartment was created in the attic located above the garage. The renovated space is fully consistent with the concept of all inclusive (English - all inclusive) and resembles a luxurious room of a modern apart-hotel.

The large space allowed to place everything that the heroes dreamed of.
According to the project aby the architects of the m2project design bureau Maxim Tikhonov and Maxim Samoilov-Babin, zoning is provided for by slopes, which allows you to highlight the kitchen - it is located at entrance, study area and living room with a cozy sofa and a couple of beds. In addition, a bathroom appeared in the attic, so that the complete autonomy of the apartments will be ensured.

Lighting was an important part of the makeover.. Access to natural light is immediately provided by five skylights, which are accompanied by an increased height window opening at the end of the room - in fact, it has turned into a French balcony. A second tier has appeared above the kitchen, which complicates the geometry of the room, and also allows you to change the lighting scenario above the cooking area. And, of course, along with lighting, the color scheme of the project made it possible to brighten up the renovated space as much as possible.

In the kitchen area of ​​the room there is a spacious suite, lined with the letter G.. Cases of furniture elements are assembled from laminated chipboard Lamarty in the decor Volcanic gray, the ends of which are reliably protected from moisture by the edge of the same name PVC. Behind the facades made of MDF in matte enamel are hidden spacious shelves and full extension drawers, equipped with closers.

Since the kitchen is located under the slope, hanging cabinets were abandoned.. However, this did not affect the spaciousness of the headset, since the main storage systems are located in the side columns, which are accompanied by open shelves installed from the side of the ramp.. So there is enough space for auxiliary kitchen appliances, and for all kinds of supplies.

A spacious wardrobe with snow-white doors and graphic black handles is also assembled on a solid base made of laminated chipboard Lamarty in the same gray decor. So in the attic there was a functional storage system with many shelves and a large compartment for outerwear.. Like all cabinet furniture in the project, the cabinet perfectly "adapted" to the slope, without losing a single centimeter of usable space.

The attic area made it possible to ergonomically place the whole studio apartment. Now the space has a full-fledged bathroom with a shower, a small office for work, a comfortable bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and even an entrance hall.

The broadcast and a detailed description of the project can be found on the website of the Country Answer program -

Project authors: m2project design bureau. Maxim Tikhonov and Maxim Samoilov-Babin
Country Answer. Broadcast from 02/12/2023.

LAMARTY in the decors  "Volcanic Grey " in the project on the NTV channel

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