Chipboard Lamarty in the "Dachny otvet" project on the NTV channel. Kitchen-living room with stairs in the closet | 29.07.2022

Chipboard Lamarty in the "Dachny otvet" project on the NTV channel. Kitchen-living room with stairs in the closet

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Chipboard Lamarty in the decors "White Crystal", "Gray Stone" and "Noce Neapol" became the basis for the functional filling of the kitchen-living room for a large family. And thanks to the resourceful decisions of the project designer, the heroes received a modern interior, integrated into a village house.

To rework the team  "Dachny otvet" headed by designer Zhanna Badalyan, they got a regular rectangular room with three windows, a ceiling height of 2.60 m, and an area of ​​34.5 sq.m. A staircase was already installed in the room for passage to the second floor, where the heroes have bedrooms. The staircase is uncomfortable, its parameters are set by the height of the ceiling and the size of the hole in the ceiling.

The heroes dreamed of creating a warm, bright and cozy space, functionally combining a comfortable kitchen, a spacious living room and dining room, as well as changing the design of the stairs.

The author of the project Zhanna Badalyan decided not to hide the luxury of a log house behind the interior, but on the contrary, to show and emphasize by painting in a milky white color with a peeking through the texture of the tree. This design decision has received the proud name "Russian chalet". A lining was left on the ceiling, which was painted in the color of the walls..

The designer decided to use the unsightly staircase as a zoning element, and to place the kitchen in the space behind the stairs and under it. This location is good because the kitchen does not take up much space, while being separated from the rest of the living room space, ending up in a cozy nook..
All structural elements from the frame to the facades of the kitchen set are made of Lamarty chipboard. Upper wall cabinets were made in "Grey Stone"  decor. the lower tier is decorated in “White Crystal” .
With such a modest size, the kitchen turned out to be quite roomy. For household appliances and other kitchen utensils, the designer provided a special secluded place - under the stairs. Cabinets under the ceiling closed the uncomfortable kosour, and niches for various purposes formed inside.
The storage system, which lined up around the stairs, became the center of attraction for the eyes, including due to the paneling in the lamination by Lamarty. The space under the stairs is used to the maximum, on the one hand there is a refrigerator, an oven and a retractable narrow bottle holder. On the reverse side there is a TV, under it is an open shelf, and below is a cabinet with doors..

Opposite the kitchen, by the window, there is a large dining table for 6 people. A compact stove was placed nearby, on both sides of the chimney of which shelves were also installed made of laminated chipboard in the decor "Noce Neapol" from the Lamarty collection.

The rest of the space was equipped with a living room, where there is a sofa with a sleeping place, a TV, bookcases and even a bar table with chairs for additional seating of guests. There you can drink tea or coffee while watching TV or work on your laptop.

Full description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Dachny otvet".

Broadcast from 07/17/2022
The author of the project project is a designer and decorator Zhanna Badalyan.

Chipboard Lamarty in the "Dachny otvet" project on the NTV channel. Kitchen-living room with stairs in the closet

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