LDSP Lamarty in the project "Kvartirny vopros" on the NTV channel. Kitchen with winter garden | 28.07.2022

LDSP Lamarty in the project "Kvartirny vopros" on the NTV channel. Kitchen with winter garden

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Lamarty chipboard has become part of the transformation of a typical kitchen in a panel house. For the housings of the elements of the kitchen set, we chose a durable and reliable material - laminated chipboard in the "Graphite" decor.

The team of “Kvartirny vopros” reformatted the kitchen thoroughly, while leaving the main elements in their places. So the dining table turned into a functional peninsula, at which at least four people can easily sit down. At the same time, a sink is located on the peninsula, such a solution will allow transforming the kitchen set.

A functional hanging structure hung over the dining table. It will simultaneously be a winter garden with many plants, and an auxiliary storage system..

The headset remained in its place, while its appearance has changed dramatically. Firstly, it was “repainted” from gray into a rich grassy shade of green, becoming a bright accent of the renovated space. Secondly, the layout of the headset will change. He purchased columns with built-in appliances, the company of which was a TV, and most importantly, instead of a compact one, the heroes got a full-size dishwasher.

The cabinets of the elements of the kitchen set are made of laminated chipboard Lamarty in "GRAPHITE" embossed decor. This rich dark shade of gray or magical dusky black looks bohemian, elegant and expensive. The furniture composition remained in the place familiar to the owners, but acquired a number of significant improvements: the equipment was brought into two columns, and under the tabletop there were roomy drawers with closers and facades made of MDF painted in juicy green.

Full description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Kvartirny vopros".

Broadcast from 09/07/2022
The author of the draft project is Oksana Salberg-Vachnadze. founder of o2designmoscow studio.

LDSP Lamarty in the project "Kvartirny vopros" on the NTV channel. Kitchen with winter garden

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