Chipboard Lamarty in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Cradle of tranquility | 25.07.2022

Chipboard Lamarty in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Cradle of tranquility

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In the bedroom of the heroes of the TV project, the interior of a modern boutique hotel has appeared, in which an atmosphere of lightness and tranquility now reigns. Light, air and peace - exactly what the room lacked.

The alteration of the room began with the attic, the dismantling of which allowed the builders to qualitatively insulate the space and maximize the height of the bedroom's low ceilings. Some of the things that are stored in the attic, the owners of the house will probably get rid of with pleasure, while for the rest they provided a storage system.

As planned by the authors of the project Yulia Zhmyrko and Olga Legoshina (Follow Beauty Interiors ), custom-made spacious wardrobes were installed in the niches at the entrance. The cabinets are made of laminated chipboard Lamarty in the decor Smoky Oak. The light warm wood pattern looks favorably in the base of the storage system frame, imitating natural wood. Behind the hinged facades made of painted MDF there are compartments for clothes and drawers with closers.

The room itself has also undergone an impressive transformation. The center of the renovated space is the bed, which is directed towards the panoramic window, which consists of three parts. So the author of the project connected the interior with the exterior and let the garden outside the windows into the room..

The updated bedroom has become a very bright space, because the main color of the alteration is white. Wood has become the main color and texture accent of the renovated space. This is a beautiful parquet on the floor, and a designer dressing table, reminiscent of the "cradle of beauty".

Full description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Dachny otvet". Broadcast on 06/19/2022

The authors of the draft project are the founders of Follow Beauty Interiors Olga Legoshina and Yulia Zhmyrko

Chipboard Lamarty in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Cradle of tranquility

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