Lamarty сhipboard and SyPly plywood in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Tropical attic with rabbit hole | 14.07.2022

Lamarty сhipboard and SyPly plywood in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Tropical attic with rabbit hole

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Lamarty сhipboard  and  SyPly plywood in the design project "Dachny otvet" on NTV. Tropical attic with rabbit hole

The new attic room was complemented by a furniture composition and window slopes made of laminated chipboard in the "Sandy Canyon" decor. Plywood served as the basis for the flooring.

In the process of transforming a new interior from a non-residential premises, the builders of Dachny Otvet, led by the design studio IN2DESIGN, created a cozy room for the whole family to relax.

3D structures appeared in the interior, which turned the attic into a transformer with several scenarios. There is a children's area with a rabbit hole, a bar counter, a lounge area with a huge sofa that can accommodate up to 10 people, a wall with a projector for watching movies, and a large hidden wardrobe along the perimeter of the entire wall..

3D panels decorate one of the walls, disguising the doors to neighboring rooms. The texture of the panels was emphasized by lighting, which made it possible to fill the interior with cozy minimalism..

Special attention in the process of alteration was paid to the safety of the staircase. For its design, we used a high lath fence made of Lamarty chipboard in the “Sandy Canyon” decor. The railing is combined with a bar counter, which can be successfully transformed into a workplace. At the same time, the structure was made closed, thereby turning the attic into a completely safe space for children. The wall above the stairs was provided for a home theater system.

There is a spacious storage system along the side wall of the room, combined with a cozy children's corner. "Rabbit Hole" is securely camouflaged in four sections of spacious cabinets. The furniture composition was made from the same Syktyvkar chipboard with embossing imitating oak surface in decor Sandy Canyon.

The attic windows were also designed in the style of the interior. To put the image together, the slopes and the window sill were also framed from Chipboard in the "Sandy Canyon" decor. Such a wide surface in the future can be used as a workplace or an additional countertop. Blinds echo the wooden frame of the window, perfectly fitting into the interior concept developed by the authors of the project..

The floor also accompanies all the elements of the attic - the pattern of the Mongolian oak laminate is perfectly included in the "tropical" story created by the designers. And two layers of Syktyvkar plywood with increased moisture resistance will ensure a long and happy life for the finishing floor covering. Birch leaves are odorless, environmentally friendly, harmless to health, which is especially important in a room with children.

You can find the description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Country Answer". Air from 07/03/2022.

Author's concept: IN2DESIGN


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