LAMARTY in the decor "Marmara Walnut", in the project "Dachny otvet" on the NTV channel | 25.05.2022

LAMARTY in the decor "Marmara Walnut", in the project "Dachny otvet" on the NTV channel

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Country Answer took on the biggest space in the house. On 33 square meters there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, and together take off - comfort, peace and harmony.

To create the interior, the author of the project Alexandra Ermilova used natural natural shades and a mix of geometric elements: from straight lines to rounded shapes.
According to the designer's idea, a wooden ceiling was to appear in the living room.. The choice fell on laminated chipboard Lamarty in lamination under walnut wood. Decor Marmara Walnut has a warm tone and a pronounced woody pattern in the form of ornate veins of annual rings.
At first glance, this idea may seem dubious:
such an active ceiling in terms of color design can “press” from above and create the impression of “understated space”

The problem with the feeling of vertical space was easily solved by coloring the walls, painting them to match the floors - in the color of a light stone, so the ceiling seemed to "fly up" up. In addition, framing the window slopes and the doorway with the same material as the ceiling not only binds them into a single composition, but also forms an imitation of wooden portals and thereby stretches themselves even more in height and visually raises the ceiling.

The patterned design of the ceiling was built in several stages. To begin with, wooden bars were attached to the ceiling - the basis of the future decorative finish.. Then the entire surface was sewn up with large-format chipboard (2750x1830 mm), having mounted the basis for the three-dimensional pattern.
In orderly rows, giving the renovated space an additional rhythm, decorative beams made of Karelian birch were fixed on the ceiling.. Then the ceiling of the kitchen-living room was literally braided. Diagonal inserts made of chipboard create a dynamic pattern, and the wood pattern makes it even more intricate.. Fixed geometric elements on liquid nails.

The kitchen remained in the place familiar to the heroes, however, a large two-chamber refrigerator appeared in its layout, a sink and a hob took places convenient for cooking, and the area of ​​​​work surfaces was significantly increased by a kitchen island of an unusual rounded shape, it will set the trajectory of movement in the room.

The atmosphere of the renovated room turned out to be as efficient and comfortable as possible, and all its complex architectural features became features and advantages..

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "Country answer".

Broadcast from 05/22/2022
The author of the project is Alexandra Ermilova, the creator and ideological inspirer Büroblanc studio founded in 2016.

LAMARTY in the decor "Marmara Walnut", in the project "Dachny otvet" on the NTV channel

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