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LAMARTY in the decors "Monsoon ", "Calypso " in the project "Dachny Answer" on the NTV channel

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It was the reverent attitude to history that influenced the mood and spirit of the new interior of the dining room of the heroes of the "Dacha Answer". The key word is new. The builders did not try to thoroughly recreate the interior of a bygone era, but made a fresh interior, in which they mixed bright colors and modern solutions with retro details.

The dining room is located in the annex to the houseThis room is 18.3 sq.mFrom the pros - it is of the correct proportional shapeHas four windows to the courtyard and an exit to the living roomOf the minuses - the window openings were very small, let in little light and created a disproportion - they visually reduced the height of the room, which already does not differ in its high height - 2.67 m
In addition to the functionality of eating in the dining room, it will also be possible to relax and communicateDuring the renovation, it will become a small living room of this house.For this, an individually made sofa is provided in combination with bookshelves and a cabinet for books and dishes.

A spacious storage system was added to the wall at the entranceAll elements are made of laminated chipboard Lamarty in a pleasant-touch embossing "light silk"And most of the shelves are hidden behind mint doors in the decor MUSSON
In the interior, the storage system has become a laconic alternative to the sideboardAs conceived by the author of the project, the role of the main accent element was assigned to the frieze, therefore, the places for storing dishes, books and accessories were designed in a rather restrained manner.The facades were installed without handles, with a push-to-open system, and the closed sections were supplemented with rows of open shelves-cells in a dark gray shade of decor GRAPHITE
The furniture of the room was complemented by a sofa for reading - in fact, a wide bench with shelves belowLight calm pattern of woody decor CALIPSO favorably contrasts with the main color scheme of the space

Another design trick - a little red in accentsA bright stencil fresco around the perimeter highlighted, as if highlighted in contrast, the main color of the walls, which favorably emphasized it, and also added sonority to the overall concept of the space

In this interior there are a lot of objects with history, artifacts, art objects - a real intellectual interiorAnd the new dining room will certainly become the heart of the house

You will find a description and video of the broadcast of this interior on the official website of the TV show " Country answer "
Ether from 03/10/2021
The author of the project is Zhanna Badalyan

LAMARTY in the decors  "Monsoon ",  "Calypso " in the project "Dachny Answer" on the NTV channel

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