SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Children's room with stage | 08.07.2024

SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Children's room with stage

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The children's room was filled with magic and tenderness. A real swing, a climbing wall and a theater curtain made the interior especially attractive for two girls

The interior of the children's room, as conceived by the author of the project, turned out to be the most girly, delicate, with bright berry accents. It was decided to create their own cozy nest for each child. To do this, we added usable space by cutting off the partition under the roof slope. Children's beds were placed in the resulting niche. And so that the outer wall does not disturb the climate of the room, it is insulated. The well-known recipe: rock wool + vapor barrier + construction plywood SyPly. Birch slabs are safe for humans and provide good sound and heat insulation. The wall not bordering the street was covered with gypsum fiber sheets. Matte paint in the shade of aged white lace was placed on top. 

Sleeping places in the resulting cozy niches took their place under the slopes. Curtains will allow privacy and create a comfortable personal space for girls. The remaining space under the slopes was also put to use - “chests” were placed here - an auxiliary storage system made from Lamarty chipboard in the “Cremono Champagne” decor. Instead of handles, they have neat slots in the lids. Another closet with doors on both sides became a buffer between the bedrooms. Hanging shelves in the same light wood color complement the children's cozy "holes".

Another storage system made from Lamarty laminated chipboard in the same light wood color took place along the side wall in the main space of the room. MDF fronts with playful patterns decorate the cabinet. The wardrobe is divided into two identical parts - for the older and younger sister. Inside there are compartments with rods, shelves and drawers, and on top there are mezzanine sections. 

The closet is accompanied by a sports corner. Durable sheets of birch plywood SyPly BIRCH Top painted in a heavenly shade have become the basis of a home climbing wall. The high density and multi-layer structure of plywood guarantees reliable fastening of the hooks, so that it will be safe to climb Olympus. Another practical sports equipment was fixed next to the climbing wall - a monkey bars. A bright yellow mat will ensure a safe landing for the girls. The play space continues with a swing in the center of the room.

A desk made of Lamarty laminated chipboard with two workstations took its place near the window. Instead of table legs there are cabinets with shelves and drawers. A long and wide tabletop laminated in the shade Noce Neapol extends onto the windowsill.

The cabinets on the sides of the table are slightly different. They are lighter in the “Cremono Champagne” decor so that there is no oppressive feeling. The doors are made of MDF in enamel with expressive red decor. The work area was highlighted with the color of ripe berries, which slightly went beyond the frame and in some places moved from the wall to the ceiling. 

The center of gravity of the room has become a real home theater. The backdrop of the compact and mobile stage is an arched mirror canvas. Above it, another semicircle was fixed - a metal cornice of a snow-white theater curtain with a dramatic crimson edging, which completed the image of a chamber theater.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Otvet”. Broadcast from 05/12/2024.
Author of the project: Gromova Anna

SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Children's room with stage

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