Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Players' lounge | 17.04.2024

Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Players' lounge

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In the new episode of “Dachny Otvet”, transformations affected the living room of the country house of the heroes of the television project. Interior transformations turned it into an ideal place for meetings with family and friends.

Making the most of the space is the motto of the upcoming renovation. Therefore, absolutely all corners of the living room were transformed in order to optimize the space as much as possible and make it more comfortable.. We started with the staircase, from which the wide “inviting” steps were removed. Previously, heroes used them as seats in the hallway and room. An excellent alternative to steps was created in the updated space, which allowed:
- build a spacious storage system in the hallway
- provide comfortable passage to the space under the stairs

The wall in the living room was also “cut” to let more natural light into the room.. And, of course, they improved the owner’s fireplace, noting its solid potential.

The ceiling was finished with a decorative board the color of milk chocolate. To do this, the ceiling was previously sheathed with construction SyPly plywood, carefully treated with a fire retardant compound.
Thorough work on the walls affected the overall mood of the living room. The logs were left, but they were lightened as much as possible.

The recreation area has also undergone dramatic changes. The dining table was replaced by a gaming table, about 60 centimeters high, to make it comfortable to play while sitting on the sofa. The sofa, which can easily accommodate the whole family, has a durable frame made of moisture-resistant and high-strengthSyPly plywood. Exotic print applied to fabric using digital printing. Such bright and expressive micro-velor upholstery can even be washed.

At the entrance there is a spacious wardrobe made of Lamarty laminated chipboard in the decor “Volcanic grey”. Solid wood doors are mobile thanks to the top rail.

An elegant wooden showcase in the same color stood against the wall opposite: two of its walls were solid, two were transparent.. The boxes won’t gather dust in the display case, so the shelves are densely filled with them. In the hallway, near the threshold, there is a bench-chest with a pair of deep drawers on silent closers.

A cozy seating area appeared under the stairs, which fit perfectly into the style and added additional comfort to the updated space.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the website of the “Dachny Answer” program -

Broadcast from 04/14/24

Author of the project: designer Natalia Prozorova
Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Players' lounge

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