Lamarty laminated chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom in the barn | 05.04.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom in the barn

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Interior designers find inspiration in even the most unusual places, like barns, opening up new perspectives and creative possibilities

When creating the interior of this bedroom, the designers of the project Terekhin Sergey and Karizina Yulia were inspired by the theme of the barn, so boards play an important role in decorating the bedroom, and as a color The accent is the rich orange-terracotta color. It appears at the head of the bed, while the rest of the room is done in light white.

Before starting the finishing touches, the Dachna Otveta team thoroughly worked on organizing the space, turning a narrow, elongated room with a low ceiling into a harmonious bedroom. Having freed the ceiling slopes, mirror panels were installed in them, thanks to the reflection in which the height of the ceiling visually increased and the illusion of a square room appeared.

The lighting was also made unusual: illuminated slats appeared on the ceiling, which creates the effect of sunlight penetrating into the room through the plank roof.. In addition, larger windows allowed maximum light into the bedroom.

During the remodeling process, we also paid special attention to the functional content of the bedroom, using the space under the slopes: a cozy sofa appeared on one side of the bed, and a dressing room on the other.
To build a full-fledged dressing room in a small space of non-standard geometry, we used a modular storage system. Vertical posts are attached to the supporting rail. Mesh shelves, chrome-plated hanger bars and shelves made of solid birch were fixed to them on brackets. They also managed the space under the slope wisely - they installed a rack of Lamarty laminated chipboards in the decor "Black". Opposite the dressing room under the slope, another closet and a sitting area next to it were built. The single structure was assembled from Lamarty laminated chipboard with decor lamination “Graphite” in classic matte embossing. A rich dark shade of gray or magical gloomy black looks bohemian, elegant and mysterious, it will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

As a result, the room was completely transformed, and the space became both more complex and better.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the website of the “Dachny Answer” program -

Broadcast from 03/31/24

Authors of the project: Sergey Terekhin and Yulia Karizina (ARCHITRUD STUDIO)
Lamarty laminated chipboard in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom in the barn

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