Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Kvartirnyj vopros» project. Moroccan breeze | 29.01.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Kvartirnyj vopros» project. Moroccan breeze

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Morocco, with its sense of oriental fairy tale, bright colors and slowness, became a source of inspiration for the kitchen interior.

Moroccan style involves a certain color, eclecticism and mixing of styles. It mixes the customs of local Berber tribes, the subtleties of the East and the European values ​​of the Spaniards and French. No wonder the master of haute couture, Yves Saint Laurent, lived in Marrakesh, the capital of Morocco, for many years.. The facades of Moroccan villas are built in very bright colors, which are literally bathed in the sun, and inside their houses the tones are more restrained, tactile, textured surfaces, which formed the basis of the oriental image for the interior of the kitchen of the heroes of the TV project.

It makes no sense to create a purely oriental interior in a modern city, so author of the project Maria Amelina created a project for a fairly modern kitchen with all the comfort elements necessary for life, adding unusual textures and colors. As a result, the finished interior stylistically resembles a mixture of international and oriental.

Being in this kitchen you get the feeling that perhaps it is located on the street of a southern city. The kitchen frame, assembled from blocks following the example of barbecue kitchens, is covered with decorative plaster, typical of Marrakech. Kitchen facades made of wood and natural materials embody the features of oriental interiors. The cases are made of Lamarty laminated chipboard: the lower modules are in the decor Naples Walnut, the upper ones are in the decor Teffy. Wall cabinets are located on one side only; a perforated MDF panel was installed on the adjacent wall. The designer was inspired to create it by another building associated with the name of the great couturier, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum - the geometry of the holes in the wall on the decorative surface was taken from it. A wall-to-wall window sill made of solid wood protrudes slightly forward so that you can sit behind it with a cup of coffee or with a laptop by the window, this is very convenient. Near the table there is a sofa in oriental fabric with pillows.
Above the table is a handmade wicker lampshade that adds coziness and sophisticated light.. Behind the table appeared a panel with a photo of a Moroccan street framed by wooden shutters, which creates the feeling that the characters are sitting in a cafe by the window and the street beckons them with its color. To create more space in the kitchen, the refrigerator was moved to the hallway. Its area was combined with the kitchen as much as possible. The niche at the end of the corridor was filled to the ceiling with spacious cabinets.. The doors here are made of MDF, painted to match the color of the walls.. Internal filling - laminated chipboard Lamarty in decor Grey 7810. On the left, the composition is complemented by a roll-out cabinet. Along the wall they placed a narrow chest of drawers with an internal filling made of laminated chipboard in the decor Naples Walnut, as well as the frame of the lower tier kitchen cabinets.

Thanks to such transformations from the “Housing Issue”, the heroes of the television project received this fabulous feeling of the streets of the East as a gift: relief surfaces, natural wood, sky, sun, colors, textures.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the website of the “Housing Question” program -

Broadcast from 01/20/24
Author of the project: aarchitect, designer Amelina Maria

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Kvartirnyj vopros» project. Moroccan breeze

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