Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Bread, fire and milk | 23.01.2024

Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Bread, fire and milk

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The decoration of the updated space of this kitchen-living room is made in the colors of bread and milk, a live fire appeared in the center of the room, and a large dome soared under the ceiling.

The first transformations began with the redevelopment of the space, removing the partition between the rooms and organizing a single kitchen-living room space. They decided to leave wood in the decoration, which was painted dark, which made it possible to create a more comfortable, enveloping interior.. The dark color of the walls does not make this room gloomy, thanks to the increase in natural light. One window was turned into a door and provided access to the garden, while the others were slightly increased in height.

The dominant feature of the updated space is the new stylish stove. The stove itself - slender and graceful - with a maximum panorama of the flame - will also play the role of a fireplace.

The color scheme of the space is decided in a combination of shades of rye bread and milk. The walls and decoration are responsible for the “bread”, while the furniture and kitchen units took the “milk” side.

The kitchen in the new space is quite compact, but at the same time very convenient. The set with storage and built-in appliances was complemented by a round island with a sink, on which you can organize full-fledged cooking shows. Kitchen cabinets are made of Lamarty laminated chipboard in the decor "Noce Ecco" imitating the surface of walnut veneer, which is in harmony with the walls and ceiling. Cabinets and wall cabinets were equipped with shelves and drawers for storage and built-in appliances. Full extension drawers have been supplemented with closers, and reliable hinges ensure smooth closing of the facades. If the cabinet bodies are responsible for the “bread” shades, then the “milky” palette appeared on the MDF facades. They are white, covered with silky matte enamel.

The storage theme was continued outside the kitchen - functional shelves appeared in the new staircase. High-quality furniture plywood SyPly BIRCH Top not only ensures reliability and durability of the structure, but also in color fits harmoniously into the eco-friendly design of the kitchen-dining room. The material is moisture resistant, but for easier maintenance it is additionally coated with a colorless matte varnish.

After adding the next room, the result was an almost square room, the center of which became the dining group. A light dome floated above it, complemented by lighting - a reference to the old-fashioned story, when the whole family gathered at the table under a large, cozy lampshade of a pendant lamp. Each petal of the lamp - and there are 70 of them here - was made by hand from birch veneer and attached to a birch plywood base using innovative technology from the project designer Anastasia Topoeva. For greater effectiveness and expressiveness, an LED strip was woven into the design, thanks to which petals of different sizes arranged in 5 rows filled almost the entire ceiling with volume and light.

The interior now has a lot of soft, rounded shapes and objects, which additionally allows you to create a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. This is fully reflected in the sofa: presented in two modules, when assembled it turns into a full-fledged double bed in the shape of the Yin and Yang signs - symbols of harmonious space. The frames of the sofa modules are made of plywood SyPly BIRCH Low.

Like a theater curtain, the windows are decorated with green velor curtains - the short-pile fabric creates the effect of shimmering color.. Round panels with imitation gold leaf - handmade by designer Anastasia Topoeva.

Thanks to the implementation of numerous designer’s ideas, the interior of this kitchen-living room has been transformed. Being in this room certainly creates a feeling of comfort and festive mood.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the website of the “Dachny Answer” program -

Broadcast from 12/17/23
Author of the project: architect, designer, artist Anastasia Topoeva

Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Bread, fire and milk

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