Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Graphite» decor and SyPly plywood in the “Kvartirny Vopros” design project. Kitchen in a former forge | 19.01.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Graphite» decor and SyPly plywood in the “Kvartirny Vopros” design project. Kitchen in a former forge

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The updated interior of the kitchen of an old 18th-century house combines modernity and the history of the imperial chic of old St. Petersburg

The architect Vladimir Berezin turned a small 7-meter kitchen and the adjacent hallway into a modern space, preserving the spirit of the old house and emphasizing the historical heritage of the northern capital.

Using all the strengths of the premises, the Housing Issue team tried to visually enlarge the small space. By getting rid of architectural noise in the form of stove chimneys, we were able to effectively emphasize the height of the ceilings. And the created arches in the passages and plaster cornices emphasized the history of the house. The use of arches in a fairly narrow corridor also made it possible to visually increase its height and organically design the transition from the hallway to the kitchen.

Another element that has passed through the centuries is floor finishing. Limestone was used for it - a very popular stone in historical houses of St. Petersburg. To install it, the builders had to get to the old floors. To do this, we first laid new logs, which were treated with fire protection. Then we laid out a vapor barrier and sewed up the base with moisture-resistant SyPly plywood. Birch plywood provides a perfectly flat and strong base for finishing floor covering.

The decoration of the kitchen was a luxurious kitchen set that completely occupied one of the walls. Its frames are made of Lamarty laminated chipboard in the color "Graphite". Facades are made of SyPly birch plywood of the highest grade, lined with tinted oak veneer. This combination of wood allows you to preserve the natural appearance of valuable species, using the stability and practical properties of birch plywood. The headset has plenty of storage systems: spacious shelves up to the ceiling and full extension drawers. The tabletop and work apron were decorated with noble marble. All household appliances are hidden behind furniture facades, without visually overloading the kitchen.

The highlight of the project was the rich red color and checkered coloring, stretching from the kitchen to the hallway. The kitchen area features a dining table framed by a corner sofa.. The color echo with the kitchen was supported by the red front door and chest of drawers in the hallway. For a narrow niche, the builders specially made a high soft back panel and a compact bench in a rhythmic checkered pattern. Under the upholstery there is wood, plywood and polyurethane foam.

In the hallway, the theme of practical storage systems is supported by a spacious closet. Its cabinets and shelves are made from the same Syktyvkar Lamarty chipboard in "Graphite" decor that was used for kitchen furniture. Behind the enamel-coated facades is everything you need for a hallway: shelves and clothes hangers.

A mirror was fixed above the front door. Thanks to this, the space has noticeably increased, and another “end-to-end” architectural element of the project has appeared in the interior - the arch. Continuing the design of the hallway, the cabinet fronts were decorated with mirrors. And the hidden dressing room was supplemented with a curtain on grommets.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Answer”. Broadcast from 12/09/2023.
Authors of the project: Vladimir Berezin

Lamarty laminated chipboard in the «Graphite» decor and SyPly plywood in the “Kvartirny Vopros” design project. Kitchen in a former forge

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